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My-dox Secure - Cloud based software.

What is Secure Cloud?

What is Secure Cloud ?

What if you can take advantage of the newest technologies on the market and at the same time even reduce your IT expenses?
In today’s world the pressure on organizations to deliver more and at the same time to lower their costs is greater than ever. This is especially true for the IT departments. In search of new answers to this problem, the IT industry is turning more and more to cloud computing. At the very foundation of cloud computing services is the concept of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Data center environment that allows enterprises to get their applications up and running faster with less maintenance, and enables IT to more rapidly adjust IT resources (such as servers, storage, and networking) to meet the constantly changing business demands. My-dox Secure Cloud provides customers with the ability to get the most of their IT resources in an intelligent virtual infrastructure, enabling more secure, stable and managed environment.
My-dox Secure Cloud offers Cloud Servers and Virtual Private Clouds solutions, as well as customized cloud infrastructure solutions, in order to fully meet the needs of your customers.

Key features

  • Share only those files if you think they should be visible to users
  • Encrypt messages
  • Deny access to important files and photos, as well as entire directories.
  • Protection from a new generation against passwords stealing, credit and debit cards.

Software Description

Your files can be protected when you set certain rules for user access. For example, you want to allow users to read the documents you create. On the other hand, although they can read the documents, but can not change them. These restrictions can be set by the owner of the file (sually the user that created the document.
For your convencience and protection of your files, My-dox created Secure Cloud - cloud based software protection from new generation. Through this software, you can restrict access not only to your photos and files, but you can also limit access to entire directiries, share those files you want to be visible for users, and to encrypt messages and personal notes in chat rooms, and you can put unique passwords for all your debit and credit cards.

Meet MY-DOX Secure services.

Pin code

The pin code itself is one of the most powerful and important features in MY-DOX security software. It gives extra safe to the data you keep and don't let anyone to see, unless the people who knows the pin.
Every time when somebody tries to view the data in specific section, he will be asked for pin code. You need to be strict as possible when choosing pin code.

File storage

You can upload, review and share files in many formats, such as:

  • Documents
  • Photos
  • Music
  • and etc.


You can add your contacts from your phone, email and etc.
There are two easy ways to sync your contacts from your device based on the system (iOS, Android) :

  • iOS

    • 1. Get your IOS device
      2. Open Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars
      3. Then tap on Add Account
      4. Choose Other option
      5. Tap on Add CalDAV account
      6. Use the following settings for your account setup:
      User Name: subdomain_username ex. / username:username
      Password: password for your account
      Description: any description you wish

  • Android

    • 1. Get your Android device
      2. Install Caldav Sync
      3. Open Settings > Accounts & sync
      4. Then tap on + (Add an account)
      5. Choose CalDav Sync Adapter
      6. Use the following settings for Sign in:
      User Name: subdomain_username ex. / username:username
      Password: password for your account
      Description: any description you wish

Bank accounts

You can add all bank accounts you have without worrying that someone could abuse, because of the high security-proof system of MY-DOX with additional pin code requirement and 256/512 bits of data crypting.

Task & Private notes

Came on idea to improve your business?
Dont worry to write it down in the software - each single letter is crypted and secured with pin code.

Communication module

With clean and easy to use UI(User Interface) you can easily send messages to:

  • one person
  • entire department
  • all customers
  • all suppliers
  • all partners
  • all users of the system

All of your messages are crypted just before sending, thats why all of them must by decrypted with specific key that can be send by email and etc.


You can share all files and folders in the system.
All shares are categorized in 4 categories:

  • All files
  • Shared with you
  • Shared with others
  • Shared by link

Choose the best plan for your needs.

Your needs are specific and we give you choice from pre-defied plans.

Secure personal

€ 0.00 / Mo

or € 0.00 Yearly!
  • 3 Clients
  • 2MB Disk space
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Secure light

€ 12.95 / Mo

or € 155.40 Yearly!
  • 30 Clients
  • 20MB Disk space
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Secure Pro

€ 22.95 / Mo

or € 275.40 Yearly!
  • ∞ Clients
  • 100MB Disk space
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Secure Ultimate

€ 32.95 / Mo

or € 395.40 Yearly!
  • ∞ Clients
  • 5000MB Disk space
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Secure Cloud Ultimate

€ 32.95 / Mo

or € 395.40 Yearly!
  • 3 Clients
  • 2MB Disk space
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About US

Our story

Due to consumers demand and business expansion of „Глобъл Нет“ ЕООД, we create „Ейс Софт“ ООД in 2014. The company deals mainly with software development, hosting services, graphic and web desing. Your needs are important to us, thats why our main purpose is to completely meet your needments. Ейс Софт is brand in software industry with many years of experience. The company is managed by Martin Panayotov. Our team consists of high-qualified pros, who has the required experience and skills. Your will receive more than just a greate service, but also projects compleated in time and etc.

Our philosophy

We improve our skills not just monthly, but daily. We hold high the quality, thats why we invest in IT equipment frequently. We also participate in IT events and trainings conducted by the proven American and Western European experts in software industry just to keep our skills up to date. We use modern and advanced technologies to keep our software safe, fast enough and easy for using.

Our method

Based on years of experience in software industry and ability to penetrate into the concrete specifics and peculiarities we manage to publish a product, which meets the all requirements of your business.
Our main goal is to simplify the use of software with easy and adaptive self-explanatory interface to minimize support and training. We have developed efficient online support platform integrated in every our software that help us deliver quick support and administration when needed.


To cantact us, please use the contact form below and we will contact you as soon as we can. Thanks!

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